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As a global leader in chemical and ingredient distribution, we work at the intersection of science and technology, helping customers bring forward sustainable solutions to achieve their ESG goals. That means we are more than a distributor: we are a technical innovator and supply chain connector, exploring new ways to take your products to the next level and solve challenges for a better tomorrow.

Why is sustainability important to your bottom line? Sustainability can mean a lot of things depending on your perspective or business imperative and where you are on the sustainability journey. We all want to meet the moment, safeguarding people and the planet, while keeping businesses successful and profitable. Since 2008, we’ve made substantial progress in sustainability as a responsible company doing just that, and we will continue to lead the way in our commitments to driving a sustainable future in distribution.

Sustainable & Natural Product Portfolio

A framework for sustainability at the product level

Because there is no global definition of sustainability at the product level, we developed a Sustainable & Natural Product Framework to help customers evaluate sustainability for ingredients and raw materials. The Framework is already enabling productive communication on product sustainability and we are just beginning. As innovation and regulations emerge,  our Framework will evolve. Visit here often as we add new Sustainable & Natural Product Skus every week!​ 

Here are the first six sustainable & natural product characteristics. Click on each one for definitions and examples.

Natural or Bio-Based

For both natural and bio-based materials, we will follow the ISO 16128-1:2016 Guidelines. To meet the mark, a material must contain >50% natural or bio-based content. ISO 16128-1 is supplier self-reported and each supplier will warrant that their data is true and correct. USDA BioPreferred® certification and composition statements also support this characteristic.*

Bio-based materials are:

  • Derived from a biological origin indicating that these can be regrown as a renewable resource
  • Raw or synthetically processed

Natural Ingredients are:

  • From plant, animal, mineral, or microbial ingredients
  • Present in or produced by nature
  • Produced using minimal physical processing
  • Directly extracted using simple methods, simple chemical reactions, or resulting from naturally occurring biological processes

Explore Sustainable Formulations And Ingredient Innovations For Your Industry

At Global Chemical Laiyu, our formulators, chemists, and engineers formulate sustainability into new product development to meet end market demand. Whether you desire to add sustainable and natural ingredients or update formulations for new regulation and customer demand, we have a sustainable formulation to accelerate your launch. Each market presents unique ways to innovate products within their offerings to address sustainability. 

Learn more about sustainable formulations in your specific market or product family:

  • Beauty & Personal Care »
  • Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, Elastomers (CASE), Rubber & Plastic Additives »
  • Foodology »
  • Homecare & Industrial Cleaning »
  • Lubricants & Metalworking Fluids »
  • Pharmaceutical »

We are committed to supporting you on your sustainability journey and helping keep global communities healthy, fed, clean, and safe.


In August 2022, we surveyed our global customer base: 51% of our customers currently report their sustainability goals, and performance remains the #1 reason customers purchase new products. 

Let’s lead the way to a more sustainable future, together.​


Sustainability Adds Value And Makes Good Business Sense.

By leveraging our strong portfolio of sustainable products, services, practices and technologies to aid customers and consumers in meeting their sustainability goals, we demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and vision for a better world.

Sustainability makes good business sense and aligns with our core values of being serious about safety, a place where people matter, a company that’s valuable to others and does what they say so that together, we win. Combined, these sustainability principles illustrate how through common goals, we can work toward a better tomorrow through next-generation solutions.