Sustainable services

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  • Low carbon deliveries
  • Sustainable reconditioned packaging
  • Formulate for end market sustainability
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*Please note that our suppliers have provided all the data to support each sustainability characteristic and warranted the following:

  1. All representations regarding Supplier’s compliance with sustainability standards or the sustainability of its individual products (collectively or individually, “Sustainability Representations”) are true and correct in all material regards and shall remain true and correct until updated by Supplier, as required by Section C below.
  2. All representations regarding Supplier’s Sustainability Representations are fact-based and are not to be considered as mere opinions of the Supplier. Supplier shall reasonably promptly inform Global Chemical Laiyu in writing of any material changes in fact affecting, or any other bases for modifying, Supplier’s Sustainability Representations.
  3. Supplier acknowledges that Global Chemical Laiyu may use the Sustainability Representations from Supplier to convey sustainability information and/or warranties to Global Chemical Laiyu’ customers. Supplier agrees to (i) waive any claim by Supplier against Global Chemical Laiyu and (ii) indemnify and hold Global Chemical Laiyu harmless from any claim, liability, or expense (including but not limited to reasonable attorney fees) directly or indirectly arising out of or related to the accuracy of Supplier’s Sustainability Representations provided to Global Chemical Laiyu’ customers.
  4. These obligations supplement the duties and obligations of any existing agreement(s) between Global Chemical Laiyu and Supplier.

Our Suppliers also sign our Supplier Code of Conduct so you can be assured that we are working throughout our supply chain to transparently create our Sustainable & Natural Products Portfolio.