About Global Chemical Laiyu

Connecting you to smart solutions

Chemical Laiyu is a global partner to our customers and suppliers for the value-added distribution of chemistry and related products and services. We are a committed ally, with the capabilities and know-how to help their business run smoothly, and the expertise to help them anticipate, navigate and leverage meaningful growth opportunities.

Why Chemical Laiyu?

Today’s customers and suppliers need more from their chemical and ingredients distributor. To innovate and grow, they need an ally—a collaborative expert who can help shave time and effort from their processes, formulate breakthrough products, optimize their logistics, and improve safety and sustainability. This is why at Chemical Laiyu, we’re building on our 90+ years of experience and leadership to deliver the value-added services, next-generation digital tools, technical assistance and specialized market expertise to help them anticipate, navigate and leverage meaningful growth opportunities.

We believe in:
  • Offering customers the benefits of a vast network of suppliers, and suppliers access to a vast network of customers
  • Continuously improving our business model to provide the highest level of service, reliability and timeliness of deliveries, while offering cost competitive products
  • Providing a full range of innovative services
  • Constantly improving our safety processes and sharpening our recognition, evaluation, and control of hazards

Our expanded geographic reach, unmatched expertise, and advanced technologies enable us to work as a true extension of our customer and supplier teams, taking on highly specialized tasks and helping develop solutions to their important challenges.

Global Excellence Keeps Us Steps Ahead

Our exemplary execution is made possible through continuing investments, carefully crafted processes and the close coordination of our worldwide teams.

Through widespread facilities and one of the largest private fleets in the industry, we’re able to offer same-day and next-day service.
We offer logistic know-how and support plus data-driven insights to help improve your efficiencies and speeds, to reduce carrying costs and help you respond more nimbly to market conditions.

Exceptional Expertise To Drive Solutions 

We leverage our deep industry knowledge and specialized know-how to help our customers and suppliers grow.

Our industry-dedicated account professionals provide proactive support and assistance, connecting you to the right solutions from development to disposal.

Our diverse teams include inventory and logistics experts, scientists, PhDs, procurement, customer service and sales and marketers to deliver consultative services to solve your formulation and operational challenges.

More Choice And  Value-Added Services To Help You Iinnovate And Grow 

  • Our strong relationships with leading suppliers help us offer the deepest, broadest portfolio of chemicals and ingredients available—from specialty to commodity to exclusives.

  • Our comprehensive portfolio of services help you innovate in your markets and improve in your operations.

  • For customers, Univar Solutions draws from vast capabilities and expert teams to deliver tailored solutions. Examples include:

    • Formulation or recipe development

    • Product development

    • Field technical support

    • Analytical services

    • Custom blending

    • Packaging and repackaging

    • Private label services

    • Sustainability solutions

  • For suppliers, we serve as an extension of their brands via value-added services and offerings that include:

    • Robust data sharing

    • Logistics aggregation

    • Lab/formulation capabilities

    • Local market knowledge

    • Market intelligence

    • End market expertise

    • Demand growth

    • Best practices in quality + safety

    • National sales coverage

    • Digital marketing capabilities

Through these best-in-class capabilities and a collaborative, team-oriented approach, Univar Solutions is reimagining the role of distribution, to help our customers and suppliers innovate and grow.