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Industrial Magnesium Sulphate

1. This industrial Magnesium Sulphate is applicable for papermaking, dyeing, deicing salt, and the synthetic additive of ABS and PVC resin, among others. It is also extensively used for tanning, dyeing, paint, porcelain, matchstick, explosives, fireproof materials, mothball filler, and the manufacturing of magnesium salt, among others. The annual export volume reaches approximately 30,000 tons.

2. Moreover, the industrial Magnesium Sulphate is ideal for industrial sewage treatment. It gives such functions as coagulation and sedimentation for waste water, so as to reach the emissions standards.

3. Printing and dyeing waste water is one type of industrial sewage which causes huge damage to the environment. It features great emissions, high chroma, as well as strong resistance to organic matter decomposition. Accordingly, it is really difficult to reach the relevant standard by adoption of conventional sewage-handling methods. Therefore, it is necessary to seek a cheap and convenient method which is effective for the decoloration of dyeing wastewater.

4. In recent years, a study of magnesium-salt method has been conducted at home and abroad. The decoloration principle is to mix alkali with magnesium salt by hydrolysis, which will form the positively-charged magnesium hydroxide precipitation. This precipitation can intensively adsorb the negatively-charged anionic dye, and then decolorize the dye wastewater.

5. An obvious effect can be found, when adopting MgSO4•7H2O for handling acid dye wastewater. After treatment, the chroma and CODCr respectively reach 99% and 78.9%. The magnesium-salt method can effectively remove the water-soluble acid dyes. Under appropriate conditions, the decolorization ratio can reach over 98%.

6. In tanning industry, this industrial Magnesium Sulphate acts as the filler to strengthen heat resistance. In dyeing industry, it can be used as the mordant, fabric dye, and the weighting agent. Additionally, it serves as the flame retardant of such plastics as acrylate resin.

7. The industrial Magnesium Sulphate with little crystal water can be applied in the mixed ingredients, as well as the synthesis of products with not too high water content. In organic chemical industry, it can be considered as desiccant and dehydrating agent. Furthermore, it is used for the printing and dyeing of thin cotton or silk.

8. Due to no pollution, the magnesium sulfate can replace the traditional snow-melting agent. It produces no damage to the environment or facilities, and also provides soil and crops with beneficial elements.