Laizhou City Laiyu Chemical Co., Ltd.
Add.: Chenggang road Zhuyou, Laizhou City, Shandong Province, China
Tel.: +86-535-2719337
Fax: +86-535-2755678

Company Pictures

The office area of Laiyu Chemical occupies 5,000 square meters. Fifty employees work in the office building. They are distributed in sales department, operations management department, purchasing department, and equipment department. In addition, our production area occupies 40,000 square meters, where there are approximately 200 employees.

Office Building
(Both sales department and after-sales service department are working here.)

Comprehensive Building
(This building was completed in 2012. Inside it, there is a variety of brand new laboratory equipment.)

Magnesium Sulfate Manufacturing Workshop

Quality Inspection Department
(Our quality inspectors have received professional training. All of them hold qualification certificates.)

Quality Inspection Department
(Our product must be inspected for the second time by quality inspectors.)

(The laboratory is provided with advanced testing equipment.)

Technology Research and Development Center

Weighing and Packaging
(The error control of product weight is within ±0.3kg.)

Technology Research and Development Center
(The developed new product must go through a pilot scale test here.)

Industrial Workshop A Corner of Magnesium Sulfate Drying Equipment