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    1. Magnesium Sulphate HeptahydrateMagnesium sulphate heptahydrate can be applied in such fields as food, fermentation, pharmaceuticals, feed supplement, engineering plastics, agricultural fertilizer, daily-use chemical industry, and some others.
    1. Anhydrous Magnesium SulphateThe anhydrous magnesium sulphate is ideal for such areas as medicines, foodstuff, fermentation, feed additives, engineering plastics, agricultural fertilizers, and daily-use chemical industry, among others.
    1. Magnesium Sulphate MonohydrateMagnesium sulphate monohydrate plays a role in such fields as foodstuff, medicines, feed supplement, agricultural fertilizers, fermentation industry, engineering plastics, household chemicals, and some others.
    1. Magnesium Sulphate Trihydrate & Magnesium Sulphate DihydrateApplications
      The magnesium sulphate trihydrate or magnesium sulphate dihydrate plays a part in such industries as pharmaceuticals, foodstuff, feed additives, fermentation, engineering plastics, agricultural fertilizers, and household chemicals, among others.
    1. Magnesium Sulphate PentahydrateMagnesium sulphate pentahydrate can be applied in medicines, food, feed supplement, fermentation industry, engineering plastics, agricultural fertilizers, household chemicals, and more.
    1. KieseriteOur kieserite can be applied in agriculture. It contains sulfur and magnesium elements, which can provide crops with abundant nutrients. Additionally, these two elements can not only help facilitate the crop growth and raise output, but also loosen the soil and improve the soil texture.
  • Magnesium AcetateMagnesium acetate is colorless monoclinic crystal. It is soluble in water, and its aqueous solution is usually neutral or faintly acid. In addition, this product is deliquescent in air, and can be dehydrated when heated. It is applicable for reagents, medicines, catalysts and some others. It can be prepared by reaction of magnesium carbonate with acetic acid.
  • Ortho-diallyl Bisphenol A (O-DABPA)The ortho-diallyl bisphenol A is mainly used for the modification of bismaleimide, abbreviated as BMI. It can substantially reduce the application cost of BMI resin. Additionally, it can improve the operability and manufacturability of BMI resin. In detail, it can enhance the toughness, heat resistance, and film-forming property of BMI resin.
  • Bisphenol A Bisallyl Ether (BBE)The bisphenol A bisallyl ether can guard against water and corrosion. It is often found in various high-end applications, including the photoresist material, anti-impact prepreg, high-temperature coating, the molding of fiber-reinforced structural parts, the adhesive of surface of semiconductor chip, as well as the mixed material resistant to both high temperature and corrosive chemicals, among others. In addition, BBE can act as the cross-linking agent of rubber and epoxy resin.
  • Bismaleimide (BMI)Bismaleimide, abbreviated as BMI, can act as the bismaleimide resin matrix. It is prominently characterized by favorable mechanical property, high dimensional stability, as well as great resistance to heat, oxidation and radiation, among others. In terms of molding process, it is similar to epoxy resin.
  • 2-Allylphenol (2-AP)The 2-allylphenol is a kind of monomer with high purity. In pharmaceutical industry, it can be used as an intermediate. For instance, it plays a role in the production of alprenolol, which pertains to a beta-blocker.
  • Triallyl Isocyanurate (TAIC)The triallyl isocyanurate can be used as the cross-linking agent of diversified thermoplastics, such as PE, PVC, CPE, EVA, PS and some others. For thermo cross-linking, its common dose ranges from 1% to 3%, and the dose of dicumyl peroxide (DCP) varies from 0.2% to 1%. For radiation cross-linking, the dosage is 0.5-2%, and there is no need to add DCP.
Product Name CAS Number Detailed Information
Magnesium Sulfate 10034-99-8;7487-88-9 In detail
Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate 10034-99-8 In detail
Anhydrous Magnesium Sulfate 7487-88-9 In detail
Magnesium Sulfate Monohydrate 14168-73-1 In detail
Magnesium Sulfate Dihydrate 15244-36-7 In detail
Magnesium Sulfate Trihydrate 15244-36-7 In detail
Magnesium Sulfate Pentahydrate 15553-21-6 In detail
Kieserite 14567-64-7 In detail
Magnesium Acetate 16674-78-5, 142-72-3 In detail
Ortho-diallyl Bisphenol A 1745-89-7 In detail
Bisphenol A Bisallyl Ether 3739-67-1 In detail
2-Allylphenol (2-AP) 1745-81-9 In detail
Bismaleimide (BMI) 13676-54-5 In detail
Dried Magnesium Sulfate 15244-36-7 In detail
Triallyl Isocyanurate (TAIC) 1025-15-6 In detail

About Product
Our magnesium sulfate mainly covers the magnesium sulfate heptahydrate, anhydrous magnesium sulfate, magnesium sulfate monohydrate, magnesium sulfate monohydrate, magnesium sulfate trihydrate, and the magnesium sulfate pentahydrate.

Our magnesium acetate primarily concerns the anhydrous magnesium acetate, magnesium acetate tetrahydrate, ortho-diallyl bisphenol A, bisphenol A bisallyl ether, bismaleimide, 2-allylphenol, as well as the triallyl isocyanurate.

We have a professional technology R&D team as well as equipment R&D group. Additionally, our company has passed the ISO quality management system certification.