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2-Allylphenol (2-AP)

Brief Introduction
Molecular Formula C9H10O
Molecular Weight 134
CAS No. 1745-81-9
EN No. 217-119-0
Product Specifications
Appearance Light yellow liquid
Purity % (HPLC Method) Over 90%

1. The 2-allylphenol is a kind of monomer with high purity. In pharmaceutical industry, it can be used as an intermediate. For instance, it plays a role in the production of alprenolol, which pertains to a beta-blocker.
2. Its allyl group allows the polymer to be vulcanized. It can be also used to produce the allyl-substituted phenolic aldehyde and polyester resin.
3. Moreover, the 2-allylphenol is applicable for the manufacturing of the components of instrument and apparatus, such as LED sealing materials. It can be also applied in pesticide industry, and its trade name is Yinguo. This product is effective for almost all fungal diseases.
4. Other applications cover the production of silane. The allyl group enables the silane to get together and form polyolefin. For instance, the alkoxy phosphonitrile copolymer is applicable for fireproof foam.

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