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Bismaleimide (BMI)

Brief Introduction
Chemical Name N, N-4, 4-diphenylmethyenebismaleimide
Molecular Formula C21H14N2O4
Molecular Weight 358.37
CAS No. 13676-54-5
Appearance Colorless or pale-yellow solid
Purity ≥ % 95
Melting Point ℃ 155-160
Acid Value KOH mg/g ≤ 1
Moisture ≤ % 1

Bismaleimide, abbreviated as BMI, can act as the bismaleimide resin matrix. It is prominently characterized by favorable mechanical property, high dimensional stability, as well as great resistance to heat, oxidation and radiation, among others. In terms of molding process, it is similar to epoxy resin.

This product gives wide applications in electric power, aviation, aerospace, computers, telecommunications, vehicles, railways, and construction industry, among others. It can be used as the adhesives, high-temperature insulation materials, as well as the resin matrix of advanced composite materials, and more.

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