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Bisphenol A Bisallyl Ether (BBE)

Brief Introduction
Molecular Formula C21H24O2
Molecular Weight 308.42
CAS No. 3739-67-1
Product Specifications
Appearance Light yellow liquid
Purity % (HPLC Method) Over 78% or over 85%

The bisphenol A bisallyl ether can guard against water and corrosion. It is often found in various high-end applications, including the photoresist material, anti-impact prepreg, high-temperature coating, the molding of fiber-reinforced structural parts, the adhesive of surface of semiconductor chip, as well as the mixed material resistant to both high temperature and corrosive chemicals, among others. In addition, BBE can act as the cross-linking agent of rubber and epoxy resin.

Related Names
Cross-link Chemicals | Polymer Compound Modifier | Resin Modifier

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